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LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — A new group of entrepreneurs has emerged in the Las Cruces business scene, and they're too young to drive themselves to the office. The Las Cruces Sun-News reports (http://bit.ly/2oU5tMu) the roughly 40 junior executives from the Acton Academy will be participating in a nationwide Children's Business Fair on Saturday during the downtown Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts Market. The academy students, ages 6 to 14, will be introducing various projects for sale, which include arts and crafts, spa services, custom-crafted woodwork, jewelry and other items.

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — Las Cruces police say a 62-year-old woman is dead after being struck and pinned under her own car in what appears to be an accident. Police say investigators believe Jill Thompson mistakenly started the car while the automatic transmission was in reverse instead of park and that she then was struck as the car drove in reverse while she was opening gates at the end of the driveway Thursday. According to police, investigators placed the car's transmission in reverse and turned on the ignition, which started the car.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The city of Albuquerque has partnered with a nonprofit to introduce a financial assistance program for small and local businesses along Central Avenue. The program is called Central Loan Fund and it currently has $700,000 in donations. The fund will give low-interest loans of up to $15,000 for businesses who qualify. If recipients of the loans meet certain conditions, their loans could be forgiven. The city says the program hopes to meet the growing needs of Central Avenue's most vulnerable businesses impacted by the construction of a public transit project.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Bernalillo County is looking for a permanent jail chief to run the Metropolitan Detention Center in Albuquerque. The man hired for the job last summer backed out at the last minute and the Metropolitan Detention Center has been under the temporary leadership of Tom Ruiz. Bernalillo County says it has successfully reduced inmate population and is improving medical care, overhauling mental health services and increasing staff and inmate safety. MDC has had issues with jail conditions that led to a settlement after a years-long federal lawsuit.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The U.S. Postal Service is hosting passport fairs around New Mexico over the next two weekends to speed up the process for customers looking to get them. USPS says it'll hold two fairs at Albuquerque's main post office on Broadway Boulevard NE and at the Roswell post office on Pennsylvania Avenue on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Another two fairs will be at the Aztec post office and at the Farmington one on April 28 and 29 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Tundra Fires And Climate Change: More Bad News

Jul 28, 2011

It may be cold up there in the Arctic, but that doesn't mean it doesn't burn. And as the planet gets warmer, tundra fires are not only becoming more common, they may also shift a huge amount of carbon from the soil into the atmosphere, a new study reports.

Back in 2007, lightning struck the remote North Slope of Alaska, igniting the largest fire to hit the region since modern recording began in the 1950s. The fire burned for nearly three months until snowfall finally put it out in October. It left behind a charred scar of 400 square miles — big enough to see from space.

Just as the Washington narrative had started to shift a bit from "House Speaker John Boehner doesn't have the juice to get his conference to support him" to "Boehner is getting his fellow Republicans to rally around him" it shifts back to the former.

That's because he was unable to get enough members of the Republican conference to commit to voting for his debt-ceiling increase.

An image of gout is easy to conjure up: The portly, elder royal resting his foot on a pillow, with a swollen, red and extremely painful big toe. It could be Henry VII, who was afflicted with the "disease of kings."

But today gout seems to be the disease of the average middle-aged American who's pudgy, consuming too much meat, and drinking too much alcohol — not unlike what the royals used to do.

OK, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. But the abortion-rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America says that none of the declared Republican candidates for president — nor any of those thought to be waiting in the wings — would pass muster with voters who support a woman's right to choose.

Former Yankees Pitcher Hideki Irabu Found Dead

Jul 28, 2011

Hideki Irabu, a Japanese pitcher who debuted for the New York Yankees in 1997, was found dead after an apparent suicide in Los Angeles.

The AP reports:

"The body of Irabu, 42, was found at 4:25 p.m. PDT Wednesday, county sheriff's Sgt. Michael Arriaga said."

"'He was found dead by an apparent suicide,' he said."

"Irabu lived in Rancho Palos Verdes but it was not immediately clear whether it was his home, the sergeant said."

Too much acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, can damage your liver or worse.

Now to reduce the risk of accidental overdoses, Johnson & Johnson's McNeil division, marketer of the painkilling mainstay, is lowering the maximum dose for Extra Strenth Tylenol to six tablets a day from eight.

Bob Bradley has been relieved of his duties as the head coach of United States National Team for men's soccer.

U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati thanked Bradley for his five years at the helm of the team but said now is the right time to make change. "It is always hard to make these decisions, especially when it involves someone we respect as much as Bob," Gulati said.

Freshly pressed stormtrooper outfits, just like the ones worn in the original 1977 Star Wars film, are still legally for sale in Great Britain after the country's Supreme Court ruled that the south London industrial designer who originally made them could keep on making them.

Nuclear Waste Piles Up As Repository Plan Falters

Jul 28, 2011

Second in a two-part series about the long-term storage of nuclear waste. Read Part 1

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant on California's central coast has more than 1,300 tons of nuclear waste sitting on its back porch, waiting for pickup. The problem is, there's no one to pick it up.

In Famine, Peanut Butter-Based Food Rides To The Rescue

Jul 28, 2011

The World Food Program is starting to airlift food to relieve the famine in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. The first plane, carrying 10 tons of food supplies, will help feed 3,500 malnourished children for a month, a spokeswoman said yesterday.


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