Moscow's Torn Up Sidewalks Force Shoe Changes

Originally published on August 23, 2011 6:50 am
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And our last word in business today comes from Moscow, where the mayor has been ripping up the city's sidewalks and replacing the existing asphalt with more stylish-looking brick.

The word is fashion agonistas.


Moscow's Mayor Sergei Sobianin explains that the bricks are more environmentally friendly. He says they last longer and that they make the city look a lot more European.

MONTAGNE: Be that as it may, the project is changing the look of the city's fashionistas. Moscow women are known for tottering in super-high spiked heels. It's hard enough to walk in five-inch heels on an ordinary day, so it must be especially precarious to navigate ripped up pavement.

Even when the sidewalks are finished, those spiked heels could easily get stuck in-between the brick.

GREENE: And so there might be a permanent change in Moscow's style. The New York Times reports that some women have started wearing wedges, even flats.

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MONTAGNE: Which, by the way, are at least as fashionable.

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