New Judge Files Lawsuit to Appear on Ballot

Aug 6, 2014

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A newly appointed judge is challenging New Mexico's system of allowing political parties to select the general election nominees in certain state judicial races.

District Judge Gina Manfredi in Sandoval County filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking the 1st Judicial District court in Santa Fe to place her on the ballot rather than Bernalillo lawyer Christopher Perez.

A Democratic Party committee picked Perez to appear on the ballot rather than Manfredi, a Democrat appointed last month by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez to a newly created judgeship.

Manfredi will serve only until the November election winner takes office.

A bipartisan Judicial Nominating Commission recommended Manfredi for possible appointment by the governor. But political parties select nominees when a judicial opening occurs too late for candidates to run in the primary election.