Today's Headlines: Irene's Aftermath; Sept. 11 Panel's Report

Aug 31, 2011
Originally published on August 31, 2011 6:20 am

Good morning.

States from North Carolina north to New England continue to cope with the aftereffects of Hurricane Irene, as we reported earlier. The Associated Press says 2.5 million customers still don't have power and that the death toll now stands at 44 people in 13 states. Flood waters continue to be huge problems in New Jersey and states to the north.

Meanwhile, other stories making headlines include:

-- "Leaders Of 9/11 Panel Call Action Plan Unfinished." (The Wall Street Journal)

-- "Report: Up To $60 Billion Wasted In War Contracting." (CBS News)

-- "Tripoli Divided as Rebels Jostle to Fill Power Vacuum." (The New York Times)

-- "WikiLeaks Says Website Was Target Of Cyber Attack." (Reuters)

-- "Wildfires Destroy Dozens Of Homes In Texas, Oklahoma." (The Associated Press)

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